Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Mooncakes To Die For

I was fascinated by the very many types of mooncakes available these days and I was particularly interested in those that I would describe as avant garde mooncakes. 

As I surfed sites that showcase these mooncakes, I chanced upon Kitchen Confidante. 

For sure, pictures of their mooncakes straight away caught my attention – but more than that, one version amongst their assortment literally stopped me in my tracks.

The mooncake purveyors named it “Baba Nyonya”. If you know me, I’m really into this Peranakan thingi. 

I told myself I must try it. 

And so, I contacted them on their Facebook page and long story short, Kah Kein kindly arranged for me to get my hands on the “Baba Nyonya”. 

Now I’m into mooncakes that willingly accommodate my sweet tooth – but knowing that this “Baba Nyonya” version is both sweet and savory caused me to approach it with a wee bit of anxiety. Maybe, that is not the right word. Maybe, ‘tension’ is a better word. 

It’s just me. I’m not really the adventurous foodie type. 

I read the description again. And again. 

The “Baba Nyonya” is obviously local-inspired. The Peranakan flavors of belacan and chili and paired with white lotus paste and chicken floss make it sui generis. It’s bound to stand out because simply put, it is undoubtedly unique.

I couldn’t wait to taste it. And I was not too surprised that with just a first bite, I instantly loved it!

I finished the two pieces in double-quick time. I’m not sure if I could adequately describe its complex flavors. It’s a fragile mosaic of sweetness, piquancy and zestiness. 

It is a mooncake like no other. It is not the flirtatious type and so, it doesn’t try to seduce you immediately – and yet inexplicably, you are drawn to it. 

This mooncake is a happy discovery. Nuanced, subtle and delicate. 

I’ll say it again, I love the “Baba Nyonya”! It’s honest, original and authentic! 

Kitchen Confidante are a 4-year-old patisserie and now making a mark in the mooncake industry. I learned that they take pride in the quality and integrity of ingredients. Not only that but their small business model ensures all products are baked to order and fresh from oven to customers. 

The talent in the kitchen is Karen Chai (right) and she has successfully put an enchanting spin on the traditional mooncake with interesting flavors and textures. I think she’s just brilliant!

The chef herself is a baker at heart since the age of 9 and who later expanded her knowledge at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France when she was 31. She's the artisan pastry chef whose mooncakes – check them out below – are not only incredibly delish but they're also works of art!

She's ably supported by Kah Kein, the eager beaver who handles everything else outside of the kitchen. In fact, if you're interested to order, please contact him at 012 6366296.

Just as they did to me, the mooncakes will tempt you! FYI, they are exclusively available on Kitchen Confidante Facebook page.

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