Thursday, September 9, 2021

WSD Celebrates World Children's Day

It was hugely disappointing when the in-person WSD event planned for May 30 was aborted because of the cursed coronavirus – and the lockdown effectively derailed the much-anticipated arrangement. 

But we will not be denied! We have now decided to plan for another WSD event but just to be on the safe side, it’ll be conducted via Zoom. 

From our World Speech Day events in March 2021, we noted that out of the 233 participants registered, 91 of them were aged 17 years and below. That’s 39 percent and it is significant enough for us to want to further grow this demographic. 

And so, we are collaborating with two teachers from Sabah – to target students in particular. We are confident we’ll get a number of schools from within the state to participate. And hopefully, we can also interest schools (and colleges) from the rest of Malaysia and even from abroad. 

This World Speech Day event commemorates World Children’s Day: 

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