Thursday, September 23, 2021

Lee Weng Fatt’s Evocations of Rustic Charm

And here’s my third and final post on Lee Weng Fatt’s artwork. 

He's a praiseworthy talent (left) who has a knowing knack of turning abodes and shophouses into evocations of rustic charm. His oil paintings convey an impressively impassive placidness about them and yet, they still can demonstrate this ability to draw you in and keep you riveted. 

That's not the only thing. I’m equally impressed that he could recreate that yesterday look and feel – as if the oil paints have been generously plastered onto the seemingly indifferent painting surface with dollops of sentimentality. 

Believe me, just looking at Lee’s artwork is enough to send you on a trip down memory lane. There’s this muted elan about his paintings that sneaks up on you and sprays you with enamoring volleys of vintage verve. Indeed, the canvas becomes a smorgasbord of celebrated constructs that speak of his bodacious undertaking. 

I sense that he is emboldened when he paints. The visual acuity and the raw intensity that is apparent is balanced by sensitivity and attentiveness. The fact that he primarily eschews a brush in favor of a painting knife helps bring all of these out in the open. 

You just have to appreciate the careful arrangement of dabs and daubs and dashes as they manifest lucid chromatic declarations. That’s because his choice of the artist’s tool is great for bringing out thick textures and highlighting broken color effects. 

And then towards the end of Lee’s labor, with the most sedulous care, he adds a flurry of meticulous strokes from a benign brush and giving his showpiece that final touch of class. 

Lee is undeniably a pro. His paintings reflect the refined works of an accomplished artist – see how he executes every painting with panache. A class act.

For enquiries, please check out his Facebook page "Lee Weng Fatt'sI Paintings". 

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