Monday, April 15, 2019

Medan Fare

Let me share some of the Medan fare that I had tried out during the four days I was there:

@ The Grand Inna Medan Hotel:

Nasi Kuning (Breakfast)

Nasi Goreng Deli together with Ayam Tangkep and Hard-boiled Egg (Breakfast)

@ Grand Aston City Hall Hotel:

Es Timun (Dessert)

Avocado Coffee Float (25,000 rupiahs)

@ Ram’s Café, Merdeka Walk, Jl. Balaikota:

Bir Bintang, 330 ml (35,000 rupiahs)

Mie Gomak Udang Bakar (42,000 rupiahs)

@ Srikandi Botanica, Merdeka Walk, Jl. Balaikota

Nasi Urap Ikan Bakar (38,636 rupiahs)

Bubur Kacang Hijau (20,909 rupiahs)

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