Saturday, April 6, 2019

Ebola Kills 702 in Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo declared its tenth outbreak of Ebola in 40 years last August in northeastern North Kivu province before it spread into the neighbouring Ituri region. 

In fact, the current outbreak is the second worst to date – the deadliest being the 2014 epidemic in West Africa which killed more than 10,000 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. 

“Since the start of the epidemic, overall cases are 1,117 – 1,051 confirmed and 66 probable. In total there are 702 deaths (636 confirmed and 66 probable) and 339 people who have recovered”, the health ministry said, quoting data up to Thursday. 

The ministry added late Friday that another 295 suspected cases were being examined. 

At least, the local populace are now receiving vaccines on a large scale for the first time with more than 95,000 getting a dose of the rVSV-Zebov vaccine from Merck laboratories.

The World Health Organization has warned that “the risk of national and regional spread remains very high” and said dealing with the epidemic could take another six months. 

I hope Ebola can be finally contained. 

In today's Scottish Premiership match, Celtic were held to a frustrating goalless draw against Livingston. The former had their chances but they squandered them. Meaning they were denied the chance of winning the title this weekend!

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