Sunday, April 7, 2019

Death Metal & Folk Flute

I am a fan of death metal and I used to listen to it a lot during my varsity days in Scotland. 

But hey, there’s this Stockholm-based folk metal band, Lombolo (left) that I discovered today and that brought back those head-banging memories.

With three vocalists singing only in Swedish, utilizing both clean and harsh singing, the group aims to revive Swedish music traditions in a bold modern metal context. Lead vocalist Archbishop Lennart af Børnholm completes the setting with the most (literally) metal instrument: the flute! 

And this is their song titled Bärsärkagång and features an unusual combination of death metal and folk flute:

I love it! 

This afternoon, I was at the Shaklee Dynamic Family Toastmasters Club meeting in Subang Jaya, Selangor. I took up the role of Grammarian as well as given the opportunity to present my CC #7 speech titled Second-hand Death. 

My one grouse about the meeting – it started very late! And to make matters worse, timekeeping was poor.

Pics from the said meeting:

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