Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Impossible Whopper

Burger King are trialling a meat-free version of their famous Whopper – and have rolled out the new “Impossible Whopper” at 59 restaurants in St Louis, Missouri in the US of A. 

The meatless burger, developed with Impossible Foods, a California-based company that makes plant-based substitutes, is designed to “bleed” like a conventional burger, and uses genetically modified yeast to produce heme, a protein that mimics the flavor of meat. 

Burger King insist the new plant-based alternative tastes as good as the real thing. Christopher Finazzo, the chain’s North America president, said: “We’ve done sort of a blind taste test with our franchisees, with people in the office, with my partners on the executive team, and virtually nobody can tell the difference”. 

Burger King have offered a veggie burger for years – but the difference between the veggie option and the new no-meat Whopper may be that meat-eaters are more willing to try it. 

White Castle, the US burger chain known for tiny, square sliders, currently sell the Impossible Burger product in more than 370 restaurants, and the chain has reported better-than-expected sales. 

The other major competitor to Impossible Foods is Beyond Meat, which sell their Beyond Burger at Carl’s Jr and A&W restaurants in Canada. 

These fake meat products promote environmental sustainability – intensive animal agriculture is a major source of greenhouse gas, water use and pollution.

Sri Lankan security personnel walk past debris next to a dead body slumped over a bench following an explosion in St Sebastian's Church in Negombo, north of the capital Colombo, on April 21, 2019

Bodies of victims killed in the bomb explosion are laid out in front of St. Anthony’s Church to be identified by family members. 

Police and security personnel inspect remains of victims at the scene after an explosion hit Shangri-La Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka, April 21, 2019

Security personnel evacuate a victim after the blast at Dematagoda area in Colombo, Sri Lanka, April 21, 2019

Sri Lanka is now under a state of emergency as authorities aimed to maintain security, preserve public order and maintain essential services during investigations into the multiple suicide bombings on Easter Sunday. 

It has been reported that police commandos had defused an explosive device and discovered 87 detonators in two separate locations in the capital. 

No group has admitted carrying out the co-ordinated blasts but on Monday, Sri Lanka’s government said they believed a little-known local militant Islamist group known as National Thowheed Jamath were to blame. They said officials were investigating whether they had had "international help". Forty suspects have been detained. 

Meanwhile, the official death toll given by authorities rises to 310 today. 

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