Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No Show

I was supposed to have a new Marketing lecturer report for duty on Monday, but he failed to turn up. This has thrown a spanner in my ADP teaching resource planning and timetabling. A real disappointment, but I guess, Life must go on… We have to make do with what we have – meaning, I have to depend on myself for this coming semester! Sigh! And some people wonder why I am teaching so many subjects!

Barely had Najib settled into his Prime Ministership, that Muhyiddin, his deputy had called the Chinese community “ungrateful” in the wake of BN’s defeat in the Bukit Gantang by-election in an interview published on Sunday (April 12) in Mingguan Malaysia – at least according to the Chinese press who translated this interview.

Of course, within days, Muhyiddin made a denial, instead accusing the Chinese press of “twisting” his words – he claimed that he had merely used the word “unappreciative”. “If they don’t know Malay, we can send them to school”, Muhyiddin, the new education minister proclaimed, gushing with scornful sarcasm (The Malaysian Insider at webpage http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/malaysia/23266-muhyiddin-blames-ungrateful-fallout-on-chinese-media, accessed April 14). It seemed that Muhyiddin was trying to explain that non-Malay support had declined by a further 50 percent in Bukit Gantang and that he was speaking in the context of trying to understand the reason, or so he claimed!

Over two
hundred supporters of Elizabeth Wong (the embattled Bukit Lanjan assemblywoman) organized themselves to show up at her service center in Bandar Utama 3 last Sunday – accompanied by banners and even a lion dance troupe. Although she was invited, she was not present. Nonetheless, she did send a text message to express her thanks which was read out to the crowd. Certainly, a good show of support from her constituents who are standing by her.

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