Sunday, April 5, 2009

Football Action is Back!

I was involved with the MAPCU-MQA Higher Education Fair on Saturday and Sunday (April 04-05) at PWTC, and as is the norm, met familiar faces and made new friends too. In fact, the highlight on Saturday was meeting Debora Caroline, who is presently the Asssitant Manager, Marketing for Asia e University – she was my ex-La Trobe University student and whom I have not met for a few years now!

I have counseled a couple of prospective students at this Fair - two of whom are genuinely likely to enrol. The first student scored 11 As in her SPM, and she has already decided that she wanted to do Marketing. Although, she is from Cheras, there's a good chance that she may have been convinced to consider HICT - the SNHU program, to be precise. The second student only managed 4 SPM credits, but she intended to do Communications. I advised her to retake 2 SPM subjects (and hopefully, she can secure at least one more credit - in order to meet the minimum entry requirements into the ADP) and in the meantime, to enrol into our Diploma in Business program for a semester or two, and thereafter, to transfer into our SNHU Bachelor of Arts in Communications course, most likely in January 2010. Let's see if my "selling" skills are still good...

April 04 saw Arsenal battling against Man City, and of course, they defeated the latter 2-0, both the goals coming from Adebayor (8 & 49).

Meanwhile, Celtic easily beat Hamilton Accies by an impressive 4-0 score; the scorers were Samaras, 5 & 66; McGeady, 22; and Vennegoor of Hesselink, 83.

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