Monday, April 6, 2009

The Missed Opportunity

Liverpool fans in Malaysia saw their team beat Fulham 1-0, a late winner courtesy of Benayoun (90+2) in the early hours of yesterday morning. Of course, we also know that Man U pulled the same trick, coming off with a late winning goal against luckless Aston Villa in injury time – a fortunate 3-2 win over Aston Villa last night. It’s going to be a neck-to-neck race to the EPL finishing line, but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Liverpool will overcome the odds and win! Man U fans should banish their false hopes and stop building castles in the air...

The Malaysian Insider carried a story about Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on March 23, and the damning verdict of him as a Prime Minister seems to be that he is found wanting. These revealing pronouncements highlighted below best describe the missed opportunities:

True, he should have better managed the opening up of democratic space in Malaysia.
True, he should have had more resolve in tackling excesses by his party.
True, he should have done more to ensure that a more equitable system was put in place.
True, he should have made good all his promises in his first term of office.
He did not.

Even more apt is this concluding statement, which suitably epitomizes his time as the fifth Prime Minister of Malaysia: "But for many Malaysians, the Abdullah years will be remembered as the Missed Opportunity".

I am posting a picture of the HICT staff and students who have helped in staging the MAPCU-MQA Higher Education Fair last weekend - as a tribute to their dedication and hard work to make this event a success. But the one person who must be mentioned here and who deserves all the accolades for putting it all together (but who is not in this photo) is Eugene, a shy guy who puts in the demanding hours, working tirelessly day and night. Thumbs-up to Eugene - you're one in a million! Too bad he is a Man U fan!

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