Saturday, April 4, 2009


I mentioned that Shireen’s speech last Tuesday was a revelation because the topic was both unusual and absorbing. I am not afraid to admit it – I was spellbound. Well, anyway, somebody caught a photo of her in an introspective mood – this was taken before she made her speech, so obviously she was rehearsing her speech through her pretty head. And you can see her angling the tip of the pen to her lips - this is her non-verbal message to say that she was concentrating very hard. Straightaway, you know she is a good speaker.

First, the wife, and now the husband. The former Selangor Menteri Besar, Mohd Khir Toyo made the front page news: “Khir’s RM1.7m Disney trips” (The Sun, April 01). Strikingly, these were supposed to be working trips but strangely, there were no meetings with Disneyland officials and curiously, no reports were submitted after that. Mohd Khir was accompanied on the Paris and Orlando, US, trips by his wife Zahrah Kechik (Balkis chief), their three children and maid. Malaysiakini called this debauched affair, Disneygate.

Mohd Toyo had insisted he “didn’t do anything wrong” and even went so far as to crow that “if there’s anything irregular, I am ready to pay the money back”. Now isn’t that kind of response hinting of boastful guilt? He even challenged those who have the evidence of his wrongdoing to report him to the MACC (The New Straits Times, April 03, p 14). Let us see if justice is served in Selangor…

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