Thursday, April 23, 2015


Online gaming is massively popular everywhere. Often than not, it can involve long hours alone.
In China, gamers are hiring female "online escorts" to keep them company while they play, the Want China Times website reported. Chinese men who dedicate their waking hours to immersing themselves in the virtual world can now buy time with a woman, known as a gamecaster, who will join in. It costs between 20 and 100 yuan ($3-$16; £2-£10) per hour, and some women also demonstrate games and give advice via a face-to-face online chat.
But the women don't have to be particularly skilled gamers themselves – one escort company says having a "sweet voice" is a more popular feature.
Of course in China, we know that men vastly outnumber women, partly due to years of a one-child policy which led to a preference for male babies. That has left many single men looking for female company – even those who are primarily preoccupied with gaming and nothing much else.
The growing online escort business can be lucrative for the women involved. Zhang Jun, a 26-year-old gamecaster, says she makes about 6000 yuan ($970; £650) a month which is a respectable Chinese wage.
Not exactly a job that has career advancement potential but it’s still a job, I suppose.
Gary Mackay-Steven (32) and Virgil Van Dijk (63) had scored either side of half-time and then, Dundee United sneaked in a consolation goal in the eighty-seventh minute through Jim McAllister. Still, it was a comfortable 2-1 win for Celtic on this Wednesday night and they have increased their Scottish Premiership lead to eight points.
Last evening, I completed my twenty-second round of the CC manual when I delivered CC #10 titled “Sorry Seems the Hardest Word”. My evaluator was YC Yap from Ukay Toastmasters Club.
I was at No. 16-18, Jalan Tun Sambanthan 3 in KL’s Brickfields where the MIA Toastmasters Club meets. Eleven of us attended the meeting. Regrettably, we started eleven minutes late and this tardiness was sadly observed. It is a bane that afflicts many Toastmasters meetings. We shouldn't really take this issue lightly but alas, many Malaysians don't care. I am giving this meeting a 5.5 score over 10.


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