Thursday, April 30, 2015

The World Has Officially Gone Mobile

The world has officially gone mobile.
Global Web Index, the world’s largest ongoing global study into digital consumer trends, shows that the smartphone is the go-to device for accessing the web.
GWI polls over 200,000 internet users across 33 countries throughout the course of each year in order to gain the best understanding of the global digital landscape, and its latest quarterly findings show that while the PC is still the most commonly owned Internet-enabled device globally, 80% of consumers now have a smartphone – and almost half of consumers own or have access to a tablet, too.

Three quarters of consumers now turn to a smartphone for online access and over one third to a tablet. Also the proliferation of smartphones means that the mobile web is coming to dominate consumers’ time – an average of just under two hours a day is taken up by accessing the internet via a handset.

And those aged between 16 and 24 spend the largest amount of their time online via a mobile device – 43% or 3.21 hours a day – accessing the web via their phone or tablet – a steady increase over the past three years of the study.
Sigh! I am painfully aware that I belong to a diminishing group of people labelled “laggards”. I have yet to adopt the smartphone and I am still both unenthusiastic and unwilling. (My trustworthy Nokia is featured on the left).
On Tuesday, Hull City carved a 1-0 win over hapless Liverpool, leaving the latter almost certain to miss out on Champions League qualification. The Reds are now seven points behind fourth-placed Manchester United in the EPL table. Nothing more to be said about the team.
At the Taylor’s College Toastmasters meeting also on Tuesday  I know I will have the opportunity to listen to generally good speeches that possess strong content and for a few of them, even their deliveries can bedazzle me. I can tell you that I am not the type to be easily bowled over. But that Tuesday meeting did. Eight speeches packed into one power meeting. Wow!


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