Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Clorox's Social Media Misstep

Image credit: http://www.forbes.com/sites/amitchowdhry/2015/02/24/apple-ios-8-3-will-have-300-new-emojis-including-racially-diverse-options/

Apple have pushed out their much-anticipated suite of racially diverse emojis that are officially on iOS 8.3 from April 08, 2015. (Just in case, you didn’t know – emojis are small digital images that are accessible through virtual keyboards used for expressing emotions on smartphones, tablets and PCs, that normally punctuate online writing and texts).
All the world was happy – until it saw this Clorox tweet.
The brand had sent out an odd message that same evening featuring a bottle of its bleach made up of emojis, and the line, "New emojis are alright but where's the bleach".
Given the timing, it set the Internet ablaze, with many wondering if Clorox meant the diverse emoji should all be bleached white. (There were no face emojis in the tweet, though).
An outpouring of criticisms spooked Clorox and the brand had to apologize. It even came up with a flimsy response, saying it was merely attempting a humorous reference to other emoji symbols for objects like toilets, bathtubs and wine glasses that might need to be bleached at some point.
And that was odd because none of those emojis appeared in the original image.

Image creddit: http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/clorox-explains-emoji-tweet-many-thought-was-weirdly-racist-163969

On Monday, I was at the Tropicana Golf & Country Club in Petaling Jaya. I was an Evaluator for an Advanced speech and my commendable effort earned me a Best Evaluator ribbon. The speaker I evaluated was voted Best Speaker. We were really good!
I have come to expect quality meetings at the Crystal Toastmasters Club and last evening the members delivered yet again. But this particular meeting had that added zip, that extra zest, that additional zing. It was as if the voltage had been turned up and the energy that coursed through the meeting room was electrifying. I am jolted into giving this meeting an 8.5 score over 10.

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