Saturday, June 28, 2014

Luis Suarez's Alleged Bite


Much has been said about Luis Suarez’s alleged bite on Giorgio Chiellini during the World Cup match between Uruguay and Italy. 

Companies know this unfortunate incident provides a ripe advertising opportunity. And they were quick to take to Twitter. 

“Chew Trident. Not soccer players”, tweeted the gum maker.

“Hey @luis16suarez. Next time you’re hungry just grab a Snickers”, said makers of the chocolate bar. 

“Relax, they’re twist off”, Bud Light said of its beer caps, alongside a photo of a man with suspiciously Suarez looking teeth trying to open a bottle with his mouth. 

Many of the tweets were addressed directly to Suarez himself, who has more than three million followers on Twitter. 

“Hi @luis16suarez, if you’re really hungry why don’t you take a bite out a Big Mac”, asked McDonald’s Uruguay. 

“We recommend a good swish after grabbing a bite of Italian”, Listerine global helpfully added. 

No brand was too shy and no connection too tenuous. Even department store JC Penney got in on the act.  “Fangs for the memories, Uruguay,” read their tweet. 

FIFA investigated this strange case of “biting” and decided Suarez was guilty. And so, he was handed a four-month ban from all football-related activity – the longest ban in World Cup history. Suarez was also given a nine-match international suspension and a fine of 100,000 Swiss francs (£65,680). 

The Italian victim had described the punishment as ‘excessive”. No matter how regretful Chiellini may have felt about Suarez's rap, the latter had already flown back to the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo in the early hours of Friday morning. 

For Suarez at least, the World Cup is over.

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