Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sunway University's DMK1013 Students Impress

Sometime in April, I put up this post about a company Mamee-Double Decker at this link – this gave me an idea for my DMK1013 course project and so, my students at Sunway University were tasked to look at this company’s products this semester.

Today, in Hall 1 at the university's Graduate Center, these students presented a total of 21 video commercials that they had produced as part of the DMK1013 course requirements. This time around, I put together a panel of eight judges  including me  to grade their work. 

Four of them are lecturers from the Sunway University Business School (namely Chong Soon Meng, Dr Jolyne Khor, Adrian Mitra Nathai and I) and another four are industry practitioners (namely Mohd Fadli Mohd Hafetz, Head of Marketing, Mamee-Double Decker; Herry Budiazhari, Country Marketing Director, Unilever Malaysia; Grace Chan, General Manager, Group Human Resource & Administration, Berjaya Corporation Berhad and Dr Sharon Tong, General Manager, R & D, PKT Logistics Group S/B, and Board Member, Women Institute of Management).

Believe me when I say it was not easy to grade these videos. In any case, I have chosen the best 15 to showcase in my blog – and the first installment of five videos can be viewed below:

It is pertinent to inform that the students have not yet learned Marketing or Advertising & Promotion. I did give them some pointers but that was it. One tutorial.
The course Introduction to Business is their very first business subject that they are taking this semester and I am privileged to be their lecturer.
Kindly note that this is their first semester at University and so, I am very proud of my students because the work that they had produced exceeded my expectations! Well done!

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