Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Brazil Struggle Against Mexico

Brazil produced an unconvincing display at Estadio Castelao in Fortaleza, Brazil yesterday as Mexico held them to a goalless draw to leave the hosts needing to win their final group game to be sure of their place in the last 16. Luiz Felipe Scolari's side were again lackluster – I don’t know about you but in their opening WC match, I didn’t think they played that well either.
When we are dealing with consumables, many companies are likely to embark on marketing research to try to identify the new flavors they may be interested to introduce in the marketplace.
For others, they try to be creative. Frito-Lay is one of those companies.
In the US of A, last year, it ran a Facebook contest called “Lay’s Do Us A Flavor”. It is all about crowdsourcing brand new flavors for their Lay’s Potato Chips brand. Ultimately, Cheesy Garlic Bread beat out fellow finalists Sriracha and Chicken & Waffles.
Just north of the border, Lay’s Canada did something similar – an online contest to choose the next potato chip flavor (sorry: it’s flavour in Canada). The four finalists are: Creamy Garlic Caesar, Grilled Cheese & Ketchup, Maple Moose, and Perogy Platter. Actor and comedian Martin Short is serving as the contest’s spokesperson.

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I am sharing the above only because this semester, my DMK1013 students at Sunway University are involved in a course project that is examining a Malaysian company’s products – and some of these students are also looking at new flavors too.
I was at the Malaysia Airlines Academy last Thursday. It was a joint Toastmasters meeting for Kelana Bilingual and the three MAS clubs. It was well-attended by MAS members and which I had not seen in a long, long time. Both speeches and evaluations were good. I was even voted Best Evaluator.
A good meeting and I would give it a score of an 8 over 10.

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