Saturday, June 3, 2017

3 Suicides in 31 Days

I’m no longer that keen on keeping tabs on suicides in our institutions of higher learning and elsewhere.
I am becoming depressed as I learn about them; worse – if I am writing about these needless deaths. Putting them into words is really difficult. It makes me flinch and cringe. And I am filled with grief.

It is a tragic reminder that young people choose to kill themselves and yet the authorities are not doing enough to stop them, if at all, they do anything at all. 

And it was only last month when I had blogged about the suicides on Malaysian campuses kindly do check out my blogpost @

Photo credit: Sin Chew

Just yesterday, a female student from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College in KL committed suicide.
According to Sin Chew, the 20-year-old student named Wong, had written a note to her mother. She had claimed she was a ‘loser’. She thought ‘leaving’ was the best solution for her. And so, she decided to end her life.
She jumped off from her condominium in Setapak at 4:00 AM.
A month ago, a young boy too chose death.
The 12-year-old hanged himself at his home in Felda Cahaya Baru, Masai in Johore. On May 10.
It was reported that the boy, who was living with his adoptive family, was said to have been suffering from deep depression since the death of his father three years ago. 
Seven days earlier, a 20-year-old student from the TARUC Penang campus named Teh killed himself when he leapt from the seventeenth floor of a building, Kwong Wah had reported.
According to comments left by the deceased’s friends on social media, Teh’s suicide had nothing to do with his study or grades. The real reason behind his tragic death was because of cyber bullying.
In fact, a day after his suicide, a posting submitted to TARUC Confessions by Teh’s friend had urged the keyboard warriors who bullied Teh to attend his funeral also on that day and apologize to him.
Three suicides in thirty-one days. Scary.
And these are suicides that I gleaned from just the newspapers.
But really, what are we doing about it? Or are we just going to let the suicide statistics in this country climb higher?
Do we care at all?

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