Tuesday, August 22, 2017

LEGO Appeal

It is heart-warming to know that generosity still thrives in this unforgiving world.
The Ageop Ricerca association involved in research, funding and support for cancer patients and families at the oncology department of Sant’Orsola hospital in Bologna, Italy for 35 years had made an urgent appeal for toys on its Facebook community two Sundays ago. It had faced a critical shortage of toys for its young cancer patients.

“We have a LEGO emergency”, began the August 13 plea for help from the group director Francesca Testoni.

“At any age, building a car, robot or space shuttle is always a wonderful way to pass the time and allow the spirit to travel”, she wrote. “Can you help us?”
Testoni pointed out that the paediatric cancer hospital’s young patients could only play with new and unopened toys for hygienic reasons.
Within three days, the hospital received five hundred boxes of new LEGO building bricks, which she said was the most requested toy.
“There is a seven-year-old boy who has just entered the transplant unit. He is completely isolated and bored, but now he is building an entire city in his cocoon”, Testoni said.
The association also collects toys to give to children on their birthdays or as treats for getting through a particularly difficult treatment, she said.
But the annual December drive does not always yield enough toys for the clinic, which has six beds in the transplant unit, 16 in the hospital and treats about 30 young patients in the day hospital.
On Friday, Ageop Ricerca thanked supporters online: “Thank you, world”!
On Saturday, Liverpool had a very average EPL game at best and for a long time, they were staring at a goalless draw.
But thankfully, they woke up in the last twenty minutes and managed to break the deadlock to win the game against Crystal Palace by one goal to nil. That was when Sadio Mane produced a neat finish from eight yards after pouncing on a loose ball and shooting past goalie Wayne Hennessey in the seventy-second minute.
A precious 3 points were earned.

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