Sunday, April 10, 2016

Another Suicide at Sunway University

Behind the ambulance, a blue canvas covers the fallen

This morning, another determined jumper. Another needless death. Another suicide statistic. At Sunway University.

This time, the person who decided to end his life was a 22-year-old ACCA student who leapt from the twelfth floor. Some time between 6 to 7 AM.

It is only April but already, the second suicide this year concerning Malaysian students. And this news came just after another death. 

Law Jia Yi, a twenty-four-year-old Malaysian postgraduate student at the National Taiwan Normal University, was found dead near some burnt charcoal in her room on Wednesday, according to Taiwan newspapers.

It is worth remembering that for those who suffers from depression, it is hard to tell you “what’s wrong” when nothing is right. Therefore, it is important to spot the warning signs!

These can be a persistently depressed mood or mood swings; a sense of helplessness, hopelessness; change or decline in academic performance; withdrawal; disturbed sleep and appetite; no stable attachments and this foster poor communication with near and dear ones; reckless, impulsive, self-destructive behavior; inquiries about drugs, poisons, weapons; buying instruments of suicide like a gun, hose, rope, pills; previous attempts at suicide; family history of suicide; difficulty in relationships; a person making a will, getting affairs in order; suddenly visiting friends or family members (one last time); writing a suicide note; frequent talks or threats of suicide; severe agitation, accompanied by loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy; and persistent thoughts about the possibility of something bad happening. 

The above represents a long but not necessarily complete list.

If you know of anyone who has the above – please, please get help for him or her. You may just save a life!

Suicide is preventable. Can somebody please tell this to Sunway University?

Two Leigh Griffiths goals (44, 75) sealed Celtic’s 2-1 win in Saturday’s Scottish Premiership match and this moved defending champions Celtic eight points clear at the top of the table.

Scott McDonald contributed the only goal for the other team, i.e. Motherwell – in the sixtieth minute.

Yesterday, at the Division P International Speech Contest, Liquid Gold member, M Meyyapa emerged champion. He represented Area P5. Onward to Seremban, Meyya!


Serenekyogre said...

Sunway University probably knows by now. They are also likely to have attempted to reach out to their students with counseling services.
I do not think it is right to blame Sunway University for this incident.
The students, however, shouldn't make dumb statements on the social media. Posts describing the sound of the person hitting ground, or dramatic recollections of people who were supposedly nearby, or describing the position of the body as an art form, these posts should never be on the social media unless it's by a grieving relative or friend. Even then, the motive is questionable. I'm not talking about posts about how great the person was when they were alive. Those are understandable. I'm referring to the topics mentioned earlier that should be discussed in private.

curiostraveller said...

It is so sad to read about depressed students commit suicide. Probably the inner soul not that tough enough to face the challenges. Yes, I agree that we must help those who are in depression, in a way that we are capable of. Suicide is not the the right thing to do even when we have mega problems. God gave the opportunity to breath and it is not human right to simply switch off the gift from above. We will all will die eventually but let us leave that to destiny and not in our own hands.
Good feed you are giving in this blog. Luv it. Keep up the good work. Sincerely Lan