Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fresh is the Difference You Can Taste, Claims Wendy's

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This is really interesting, to put it mildly! Wendy’s launched an all-out attack on McDonald’s and Burger King – by featuring bizarre ads for “freezy diskz” (or frozen burger patties), suggesting they be used as drink coasters, ice, or even as a wedge to fix that annoying table with one leg shorter than the rest.
“For eating, there’s the Dave’s Double. For everything else, there’s Freezy Diskz from Othr Guyz LLC!” the company said in a Facebook ad. Check out this commercial here:

Wendy’s is currently promoting their signature product, the Dave’s Single, with a marketing campaign called “Deliciously Different”. 
The Dave’s Single, Dave’s Double, and Dave’s Triple burgers feature “100 percent fresh, never frozen North American beef, now bundled under a new bakery-style bun inspired by Dave Thomas’ original recipe and a creamy coat of Dave’s signature mayo. Topped with premium produce, like hand-chopped tomatoes, full heads of fresh lettuce, crisp red onions and crinkle cut pickles, this sandwich is now wrapped in foil to keep things extra hot.”
Wendy’s are making the claim that fresh is a difference you can taste. They are hinting that McD and Burger King are guilty of flash-freezing their burger patties before shipping them out to restaurants where they’re then cooked for sale.
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