Monday, June 29, 2009

I Look Like a Pufferfish

Today, in college – my students noticed the discolored half of my puffed-up face, and expressed concern. In fact, one student suggested that if anybody asked what happened to my face, to tell them that I was in a kickboxing competition, but since I am not Tony Jai (of Ong Bak fame), I took a direct kick in the face. But then this would have become a very tall tale indeed! Never mind, the fact of the matter is, I did fall down in an awkward fashion and come to think of it, it was both embarrassing and unfortunate. Didn't you read my blog posting yesterday?.

Former PM Mahathir Mohamed was quoted in a news report to have said: “We have to speak the truth, and the reality is, the people are disappointed with UMNO’s leadership. To be respected, you must be Malays with morals” (The Malaysian Insider, June 28 at webpage, accessed June 28). Duh! Don’t we all know it!

There’s a news report dated June 25 that talked about research being conducted by the blog By studying Fortune’s 2009 list of the top 100 CEOs, this study concluded that not one CEO had a blog; 81% of CEOs did not have a personal Facebook page; and only two CEOs had Twitter accounts (Webpage, accessed June 29). Sharon Barclay, editor at who runs executive PR firm Blue Trumpet Group said “It’s shocking that the top CEOs can appear to be so disconnected from the way their own customers are communicating. They’re giving the impression that they’re disconnected, disengaged, and disinterested”. Strange but true!

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aisha said...

perhaps CEOs are too busy to blog/fb/twitter. haha.