Sunday, November 21, 2021

Indonesians @ WSD 2021 World Children's Day

CV+ had participated in the English Conversation Club activities organized by Erna Widiati, a fellow WSD member from Indonesia. 

It is good to support them. Both Cyril Jonas and Victor Ong can unreservedly tell you that they thoroughly enjoyed the sessions!

But that's not the end. We have Erna (right) to thank for because through her, we had nine members who participated in our WSD 2021 World Children’s Day yesterday. 

These kids come from all over the country such as Pangkal Pinang, Tanjung Pandan, Batam, Kota Bekasi and Jakarta:

On a separate note, we had a tenth Indonesian participant from Kuta Utara in Bali:


Thank you, Indonesia! 

#unexpectedvoices #worldspeechday #sabahbolehbah

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