Saturday, June 25, 2011

Zombies Ahead

I presented a CC speech # 5: Your Body Speaks at the MIHRM Toastmasters meeting yesterday. It was titled 'The Day My Father Died". Although the verdict was that I had presented a good speech - I couldn't agree with the evaluation because I believed it was a below-average effort. It may have been an impromptu speech but this time, I was not very eloquent. Maybe because I was tired. Or I had been trapped in long meetings since 12:30 PM. Sure, my speech had organization, vocal variety and importantly, body language - but compared to my previous speeches, this one was admittedly, just not-good-enough! I know I could have done much better than this! A low-key meeting and I would confer it a 5 out of a 10.

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Zombies have invaded America - if you believe this electronic road sign that was spotted on Thursday on southbound Interstate 71/75 warning of "Zombies Ahead". The posting mentioned that the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet thought it to be a practical joke! Police there did confirmed that there were no reports of zombies.

It is believed that hacking electronic highway signs with zombie warnings is apparently a popular pastime across the US of A. Hackers have been blamed for posting zombie alerts in at least six states. In March, hackers cautioned drivers at the North Carolina/South Carolina line of zombies ahead. Hackers posted the same message in Boulder, Colorado earlier that month. Zombie messages have also been posted in Indiana, Texas and Illinois.

But you can never be too sure about these things, can you? haven't you watched Resident Evil? So is anybody tracking if drivers are disappearing? Just because you don't come across any roaming zombies, doesn't mean there are no zombies in the vicinity, right?

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