Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Fish Rots from the Head

The Pusat Bandar Taman Cempaka UMNO branch organized a high tea event on Saturday and invited Mahathir Mohamad. Their chief Syed Saifuddin Syed Harman used the occasion to urge party members to support the former premier and not let him fight his battle alone to revive UMNO.

[In case you didn’t know, Mahathir is waging a fierce campaign all year to try and force UMNO president and prime minister Najib Razak out of office].

He said: “Fish always go rotten from its head. They never go rotten from the tail, which is why we have to fix the head first”. BTW, the "rotten fish head” analogy is a familiar advice popularized by the MCA in a past power struggle.

Syed Saifuddin – I beg to differ! It’s not just the head that is rotten – but the whole fish!

Anyway, he reiterated that UMNO would be buried at the next general election if ego and arrogance continued to exist in the party. I suppose he was referring to Najib’s ego and arrogance.

On the same day too, I was about 7 km away – at the Amoda Building in Jalan Imbi for the MIMKL Toastmasters meeting. A good meeting and I received two accolades – Best Table Topics Speaker and Best Evaluator.

And when the meeting was over, I went across the road to Berjaya Times Square to attend the Division P Humorous Speech & Speech Evaluation Contests. I was unexpectedly called out to do a 5-minute humor session and I was relieved the audience actually laughed.

More importantly, Manimala Ganasan, my P5 rep did well to win both the contests. [Note: Andal Krishnan who was the Area P5 Speech Evaluation champ couldn’t make it and so the first runner-up went in her place].

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Batman: A Collage Portrait

Artist Mr Garcin has created a remarkable collage portrait of Batman pieced together using cut-up pages from actual Batman comic books. Simply amazing!
Brendan Rodgers should do the honorable thing – resign.
The Reds suffered another blow with a lackluster 1-1 draw against Swiss side Sion in the Europa League on Thursday. A host of opportunities were presented to Liverpool but they were wasted. And at the final whistle, Rodgers had to endure boos from the Kop. Deservedly so.
In another Europa League match between Celtic and Turkish side Fenerbahce on the same day, both teams were locked in a 2-2 draw.
On Friday, Liquid Gold Toastmasters Club had their pre-launch meeting in KL’s Bangsar. Eleven Toastmasters (and one guest) graced the event. Four Table Topics speeches and two project speeches were presented. Thumbs-up to a new enriching experience! Here, we actually do public speaking! And we do what Malaysians are passionate about eating and drinking! Even better, we had fun!


Friday, October 2, 2015

Pakatan Rakyat 2.0

Gerakan Harapan Baru (Read my blogpost titled "A New Hope Awakens” dated July 24, 2015) took over dormant Malaysian Workers Party. And on August 31, the PAS splinter group was made an official political party and took the name Parti Amanah Negara.
On September 16, the new Islamic hope was officially launched and Amanah believed they could register 100,00 members by year's end.
Amanah secretary-general Anuar Tahir said that the party began with 30,018 members as of September 15, and that the bulk of their membership came from three states, i.e. Kelantan, Johor and Selangor.
And according to Anuar, more than half of PAS divisions nationwide have been emptied of their leaders who have crossed over to Amanah.  

PAS are right to get panicky – indeed, Amanah are toxic to PAS.

In any case, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang (left) had declared that his party would not cooperate with a party that had betrayed Islam, as they are "traitors" and "worse than enemies".

Six days later, PKR, DAP and Amanah joined forces to start life as Pakatan Rakyat 2.0 – a new entity called “Pakatan Harapan”. They agreed Anwar Ibrahim is the candidate for prime minister if they defeat Barisan Nasional
A timely development, especially with Malaysia now wracked by political troubles. As DAP’s Lim Kit Siang said, the resurrected opposition coalition give Malaysians hope.
And whether you agree or not, PAS have become irrelevant.
Yesterday, my Area P5 Humorous Speech & Speech Evaluation Contests took place at Fraser Place Kuala Lumpur. Five contestants from three clubs and fifteen role-players. A no-frills event.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

1MDB is Just Noise

PM Najib Razak, who is in New York told American fund managers yesterday to ignore the “noise” back home in Malaysia related to 1MDB.
"The government is here to stay," Najib said. Then he added: "I am not in a hurry to go back home for fear of losing my job or something like that". He sure is so damn confident that he won’t be kicked out any time soon. Brash. Brazen. Bold. That’s our Najib, all right!
On Monday, bad news greeted squash fans.
Although the sport was among eight shortlisted for possible inclusion at the 2020 Olympics – it failed to make the final list of five sports, recommended by Tokyo's organizers.
The fortunate five proposed for the 2020 Summer Games were baseball/softball, karate, skateboard, sports climbing and surfing. And regrettably, squash together with bowling and wushu were left out.
The International Olympic Committee intends to make the final decision on which sports will be accepted for Tokyo next year – selecting from the favored five.
Squash is played in more than 185 countries and yet it is overlooked. Again.
I was in Bankers Club in KL’s Jalan Imbi to attend the ITC Bintang Toastmasters meeting. where it featured six speakers. Yesterday’s meeting was special in that it loosely followed the format of The Voice reality show – there was a council of three “judges” to critique the assignment speeches.

I was one of the speakers and I presented CC #8 titled “Money Makes the World Go Round”.

My props were a wad of cash and a Toastmaster guest, Mei Lin! Methinks it was a good speech and I was voted Best Speaker too!