Wednesday, July 18, 2018

It's All Najib Razak's Fault

Did you know?

Najib Razak is infuriating as well as he is excruciating! 

He is an asshole and an asswipe! 

And God dumped him on us to test our patience, our tolerance, our endurance!

World Bodypainting Festival 2018

Image credits: USA Today, July 14, 2018 

Image credits: Webpage 

Image credits: Daily Star, UK, July 15, 2018 

Austrian model Corina gave her body as a canvas and patiently stood for six hours in order to be transformed into a blue Egyptian goddess; Carla Gouws was the body painter

The 21st annual World Bodypainting Festival in Klagenfurt in southern Austria saw lots of people getting naked, sort of. 

Artists from 50 countries used bodies of all shapes and sizes as canvasses for their brilliant and eccentric creations. 

The event, which bills itself as a "multicultural, multimedia Open Air Artspace" also had musicians and DJs performing live. 

There are not a few bodypainting events organized annually all around the world – but this is said to be the world’s biggest and it ran from July 12 to 14, 2018.

Bro Syed Saddiq Cannot Be Trusted

It’s upsetting to learn that the young fellow who is the Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman (above pic) did not have the gumption to stand up for his friend and comrade-in-arms, Numan Afifi Saadan. 

The latter was his press officer and just because he is a known LGBT activist – he had attracted the attention of conservatives and even drew their ire. They saw him as unfit and unqualified and who should be cast aside. 

Instead of supporting Numan (left) – Syed Saddiq stayed quiet and it was a question of time before the former quit. And he did just that on July 09, 2018. 

In his resignation letter, he wrote, “Hopefully we get to live as a community in Malaysia that cherishes diversity without prejudices”. 

Therefore, I was dismayed. There's no way I could accept Numan’s resignation because he had been judged not on his capability – but rather, on his alleged sexual orientation. 

This is a straightforward case of discrimination and it robbed the LGBT community of their rights to employment equality. 

Although discriminatory practises are fairly common in this country – I would have thought that with a new epoch that has heralded in a new government, we should expect a new deal for all Malaysians, irrespective of who they are. We must embrace the truth that we are ALL Malaysians!

now know I was wrong.

And making Syed Saddiq look increasingly like a villain was Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin (right) who had publicly asserted his disapproval that the LGBT community should be discriminated against. 

He explained that same-sex intercourse is a sin in Islam but there are hadiths (actions and sayings of Prophet Muhammad) which espouse Muslims not to interfere in matters of personal sin. 

“A sin is a sin. However, a sin does not justify other sins being committed against the sinner”. 

In a lengthy Facebook posting, he had written: “In the context of today, the right to education, business, employment, justice, property and so on for those who commit major sins, including the LGBT must not be disturbed as long as they don’t break any regulations on those matters”. 

Additionally, he said: “On the principle of justice, all regulations should apply to everyone involved in a fair and balanced manner”. 

All Syed Saddiq did was to post a short "goodbye" message on Twitter, saying that his "bro" Numan's service has been invaluable. 

He misses the point. The issue is that he had failed to value Numan enough to want to keep him. Not only that but Syed Saddiq abandoned him.

As a cabinet minister and Numan’s superior, he could have defended Numan and he should – but he didn’t. 

Bro Syed Saddiq is the kind of guy who is not prepared to be in the firing line. He is the bro who saves his own skin. The bro doesn't care about others. Not his friends. Not anybody else. 

I wouldn’t trust him!

Graphic artist Fahmi Reza’s ‘Kasut Penghasut’ shoe design mocking former prime minister Najib Razak has made it to the second round of the Vans Custom Culture Asia 2018 competition. 

Fahmi tweeted Tuesday that Malaysia submitted 10 designs – but only one will be chosen to represent the country and which will compete with finalists from 10 other Asian countries in the final round. 

My vote’s on you, Fahmi!

Twitter pic

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tabung Harapan Malaysia Scoots Past RM150 Million

Malaysians continue to be generous!

Today is Day 48 and Tabung Harapan Malaysia has already collected more than RM150 million as at 3 PM. Actually, RM153,445,814.86 million.

The Yang DiPertuan Agong himself acknowledged Malaysians’ contributions to the Fund. “We applaud the people from all walks of life, for their show of patriotism, by donating to Tabung Harapan”, Sultan Muhammad V said today in Parliament.

A blimp resembling US President Donald Trump in London to accompany protests against his visit. Reuters pic 

Image credit: 

The same inflatable balloon floats above demonstrators marching to protest against the visit of Trump in Edinburgh, Scotland. Reuters pic

AP pic

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump was in Brussels, Belgium when he proudly declared, “I think they like me a lot in the UK”. 

Sure, they do! Protests greeted him during his two-day working visit to the United Kingdom which was on Thursday-Friday (and another two additional days in Scotland). 

There was even a giant inflatable balloon that represents Trump as an angry, screaming orange nappy-clad baby, clutching a mobile phone with Twitter on the screen to provide a visual vilification for the anti-Trump protests. 

One “Trump Babysitter" Sheila Menon explains #TrumpBaby: "This is a great example of a longstanding tradition in Britain of political satire. Using a creative means of protest to highlight some very serious issues". 

And it prompted Trump to say it made him "feel unwelcome" in the City of London. LOL! 

In fact, the London protest is said to be the biggest weekday protest in London’s streets since demonstrations against the Iraq war in 2003. 

Leo Murray, who calls himself “Trump baby’s” daddy, said that the 20-foot-high protest balloon design was chosen deliberately because Trump, “is uniquely vulnerable to personal insults, so we just got right down at his level, to speak to him in a language that he understands”, according to BBC News.

Twitter pic

Durians Aplenty

Image credit: Webpage 

It’s that time of the year again and the booming yield of the Malaysian King of Fruits has caused durians to become affordable. 

Therefore, Malaysians and anyone else who loves durians are in for a treat – they can really indulge in a bountiful feast of the fruit. 

Durian stalls teeming with people mean that many of us cannot resist the durian. 

Check out this lover of durian:

My personal preference is, of course, the bittersweet Musang King durian (猫山王), also known by its original name Raja Kunyit or even as D197. 

Serdang Agriculture Department Horticulture Division assistant director Mohd Auzaie Koma Rudin tells us that Musang King is commonly known as Mao Shan Wang (or Cat Mountain King), among the local Chinese – which refers to the durian flesh’s resemblance to a sleeping cat. 

The name was widely used until the word Mao Shan was changed to Musang and Wang was changed to King, hence the origin of Musang King. 

According to the Star (July 06, 2018), the three varieties that are a hit with durian lovers this season are the Black Thorn, the Green Skin and of course, the Musang King. 

The Black Thorn is easily recognized due to its shape as it is rounder and has an indent at the bottom where a black thorn can be seen sticking out. Image credit: Malay Mail Online, July 15, 2018 

The Green Skin Durian. It’s shaped like a melon and has bright green skin (thus the name). It’s designated as D145 and other popular names include Cheh Poay, Cheh Kak, Durian Hijau and Tuan Mek Hijau or Durian Beserah. It has creamy yellow flesh which is slightly dry (in a good way). 

The smell of durians fills the air! 

Just heavenly! 

Durian bliss!

Yesterday, I attended the Summit Toastmasters meeting in USJ4, Subang Jaya in Selangor where I was the Table Topics Evaluator. 

Plus I delivered CC #9 for Round #48 – a speech titled "Go Ahead and Jump". 

I was voted Best Project Speaker. 

Thanks to Selina Chong for giving me the opportunity to speak. And I'm still looking for three more slots to complete two more awards.