Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Champion of Champions

Thirty-one others joined me at the Taman Indrahana Toastmasters meeting this evening. 

Five speakers had lined up to impress us and although all delivered good speeches, I particularly liked the second speech because it introduced me to this fascinating country called Mongolia. The speaker, Undarmaa Gansukh – a student at Sunway University – even showed pictures of her home country and I vowed to visit the country one fine day. Alice Ong, her evaluator even remarked that Mongolian men are good-looking and my self-worth scurried away to hide. 

I also took on the role of evaluating Lim Thian Seng's speech but this time, I wasn't voted Best Evaluator. Instead, Chan Siew Peng deservedly received the said recognition and the ribbon. 

A great meeting was had by Toastmasters and non-Toastmasters alike and I know this meeting scored an 8 out of a ten. A superb evening.

I read about Tan Eow Chong’s durians which are of the Raja Kunyit variety (also referred to as “Mao San Wong”) that were adjudged the “Champion of Champions” in a durian competition held in conjunction with the Penang Fruits Festival 2011. According to Tan, the durian comes from a tree that is 20 years old. Each fruit costs RM70 (Star, June 27, 2011, p 24).

This type of durian is recognized by durian lovers as the best-of-the best in the durian line-up. This is a highly-priced fruit which has flesh that is a golden yellowish in color with a creamy texture and a bittersweet taste. 

All of a sudden, I feel like gorging durians. Anybody care to join me?

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