Monday, June 13, 2011

She Breeds Like a Rabbit

Most of us who are not from the UK will regard the welfare benefits system there as a big joke! This is because the system is vulnerable to abuse and at the end of the day, taxpayers are unlikely to be laughing because they are funding it. Work-shunning parents who blithely navigate a series of government "support" payments can make a very nice living for themselves.

UK’s The Daily Mail (February 25, 2011) published a story about an unemployed mother – Kathy Black (above), 45, of East Hanningfield, near Chelmsford, Essex – said to be pregnant with her 17th child by a sixth father – lives rent-free in a council house worth £135,000. Additionally, she receives more than £600 every week in benefits, equivalent to the take-home pay of a worker earning £42,000 a year. Plus child support from one of the fathers, Tony Blackburn adds even more to her account.

She even boasted that the benefits system showered her with ‘too much’ money. Lest we believe many Britons are like her – this is not so because there are many genuine families out there who really do struggle on benefits. Anyway by 2013, I read that there will be a benefits cap of £26,000 a year or £500 a week.

Her second husband, Gary Black, 49, has declared: “She’s hardly done a day’s work in her life and has claimed benefits as long as I can remember”. And for good measure, he maintains that she is an irresponsible mother, adding: “If she’s not Britain’s worst mum she must be a close second”.

This is a bizarre story because this woman has spent over a third of her adult life pregnant. This woman needs to learn to keep her legs closed instead of procreating for the sake of it! She sure breeds like a rabbit, doesn’t she?

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