Sunday, June 5, 2011

PAS Politics

PAS elections confidently place the party on a firm war footing, according to political pundits. If PAS does not break-up having had their party elections, then the UMNO leadership will have a tough time defending postponing their party elections. After all, UMNO does not even dare hold party elections fearing that the party will be more divided. Aren’t the UMNO members aware that their party held back from organizing elections because their own elitist leadership wants to self-perpetuate? UMNO talks about transformation but it is PAS that transforms.

Even the talk of PAS being divided into two competing factions called the Erdogan gang (i.e. the progressives) and the ulamak gang (the conservatives) is just fiction, created by those who are fearful of PAS. To me, at least, there is no change in the fundamental basis of PAS’s struggle. As Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz of Free Malaysia Today wrote “the whole of PAS’ body politics – whether ulamak or non-ulamak – remains whole and integral and is likely to reaffirm (their) commitment to Islamic politics” (Webpage This, I agree.

As a non-Malay, I am not threatened by the PAS transformation. I believe the good Muslims in PAS hold the key to the country’s future because they are God-fearing. PAS has my vote.

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