Thursday, June 2, 2011

"This is the Malay land!"

I attended the joint meeting of MAS Cempaka & Mawar Toastmasters Clubs this evening, and this was the best MAS meetings that I have been to. I didn’t play any role but I did take part in Table Topics and was voted the Best Table Topics speaker. I listened to great speeches (Fellow Indrahanian Ho Fong Ming won the Best Assignment Speaker award by the way) and evaluations. And Chris Chen as the Toastmaster-of-the-Evening ensured that the meeting was suitably turbo-charged. I would give this meeting a 9 out of 10 score. An awesome meeting.

And in Kuantan, out of the menacing shadows, there emerged a pro-Lynas group that decided to break up an anti-Lynas protest. The former was not merely a noisy group of 'uninvited guests'. I don’t think we should even consider them as 'uninvited' – rather they are, in all likelihood, the invited guests of some interested party trying to subvert and intimidate the latter. “We are from Kuantan, this is the Malay land!" said one pro-Lynas demonstrator who identified himself as Azman Attar. This race-based utterance is the usual modus operandi of one political party and/or their outsourced organization that likes to brandish the race card. I certainly remain highly suspicious that the radiation from the Lynas plant has the mental dexterity to discriminate who can suffer or not to suffer from the effects of radiation from radioactive waste. So, like everything else in Malaysia, it is always politics that will browbeat its way into the public consciousness with the intention to usurp and tyrannize, even to the extent of compromising the rakyat's safety and well-being.

Anyway, the aggressive behavior of this pro-Lynas group in the presence of police “ignored the basic rights of a citizen” and “made a mockery of the whole process... to listen to the views of the stakeholders.” The Police should not allow them to be there. They are not the stakeholders.

It is sad that the threat of violence by thugs disguised as protestors could forcibly end a peaceful anti-Lynas protest even under the watchful eyes of the police. Maybe the police had their eyes shut at that time. And it’s even sadder that these morons spat racial rants and thumbed their noses at an issue that actually affects everybody!

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