Friday, March 7, 2014

The Ultra Power is Banned

According to a Bernama report yesterday, the Home Ministry issued a ban on the Malay edition of the superhero comic, “Ultraman the Ultra Power”, for allegedly containing elements detrimental to public order. While there is no official explanation as yet for the prohibition, it is believed that the comic may have been caught up in the wake of the 'Allah' issue.
A Twitter user has uploaded what is said to be a page from the book, in which Ultraman is referred to as ‘Allah’.
The possibly offending line on the page reads in Malay: "Beliau dianggap sebagai, dan dihormati sebagai, 'Allah' atau Elder semua wira Ultra." [English translation: He is considered, and respected, as ‘Allah’ or the Elder to all Ultra heroes].
A gazette was issued on February 18, 2014 banning the comic book published by Resign Publications and printed by Network Printers. Finally, Ultraman has been vanquished by the Home Ministry!
Ultraman is a fictional Japanese superhero who fights “Kaiju” (monsters), and first appeared on television in the 1960s. It later gained popularity worldwide, including in Malaysia, leading to localized versions of the TV series and comic books.
This decision has led to rampant ridicule by Malaysian internet users.
Believe me, this is no laughing matter! I can only conclude that the Malaysian government is fearful of Ultraman. I am now very afraid. They might also ban my favorite Marvel and DC superheroes.
Didn’t I always say everything (and anything) is possible in Malaysia? Malaysia Boleh wad!
Don't be surprised if Superman, Wonder Woman, Daredevil, Green Lantern and the company of other superheroes will be next in line to be embargoed. After all, they fight for Truth and Justice, and we all know the Malaysian government is against Truth and Justice.
I was at PJ’s Merchant Square to attend the Friendship Toastmasters meeting on Tuesday and I delivered my Ice Breaker which represents Round 6 of Project 15. I thought it wasn't a good speech because it was intricate and convoluted – of course, this is my opinion – but the feedback from my evaluator Tan Lay Theng (Kijang) was respectfully kind. The meeting was a good meeting but I think the energy level could be much better. I will give this meeting a score of a 6.5 over 10.


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