Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Vincent Tan Uses Money to Motivate

Cardiff City face a Premier League investigation after Malaysian owner Vincent Tan (left) offered his players £3.7 million to share between them if they survive their first season in the EPL. The financial incentive was promised during Saturday evening’s team meeting at the Hilton Hotel on London’s Park Lane – before Sunday’s defeat by Tottenham.

UK’s The Daily Mail revealed that Tan breached Premier League rules, which state every team must register any bonuses not mentioned in players’ contracts with the Premier League – before the start of the season – in order to protect the integrity of the game at the highest level. The regulation is designed to stop owners such as Tan from using monetary inducements to motivate players and other staff outside of their existing agreements. 

It is understood Tan did not offer the Cardiff squad a bonus to avoid the drop before the campaign began because he did not believe they would be in a relegation fight after his significant investment. 

This fella doesn’t seem to understand that money can't buy everything! Some things like honor and pride are just too priceless. His illegal overture is the typical behavior of Malaysian big shots who think they can pay their way through everything. 

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