Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chinese Nationals Get a Taste of Malaysian Hospitality

With no concrete clues surfacing in the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, a US daily suggested that Malaysian authorities may know where the plane is but are withholding information to protect its satellite capabilities, cover up mistakes or avoid tipping off interested parties.
The theory is one of several contained in a Washington Post article as search for the missing Boeing 777-200ER (9M-MRO) and the 239 people on board enters the 13th day.
"We’re dealing with military organisations, and they don’t want to tell you, and especially they don’t want to tell you if it looks like they really screwed up," Hans Weber, a San Diego-based aviation consultant, was quoted as saying in the write-up.
"The military doesn’t want to look bad in its own country. I think there is a lot of incentive for the militaries there to not come clean".
But the newspaper admitted there is no evidence that anyone knows where the plane is, while pressure is building up from grieving families of the passengers and crew on board for an answer. A proper answer, that is.
In fact, a flare-up occurred in Kuala Lumpur yesterday when furious family members and kin of the missing Chinese passengers on MH370 stormed a press conference and blaming the Malaysian government of failing to work hard enough to find the plane.
We showed them our Malaysian hospitality – our police and other security people speedily moved in to forcibly evict them from the venue in full view of the international media!

Reuters pic

Reuters pic

We are really unfeeling. Heartless. Despicable. We fly the Chinese nationals to Malaysia; we keep them 'supervised'; we dribble out contradicting statements every now and then to keep them (also the public and media too) at bay and we expect everyone, especially these people to calmly accept the situation.
Of course they will boil over. Of course, they will get emotional. And upset. And angry. And fuming.

I can just picture the headline if Utusan Malaysia reports this incident: "Apa lagi Cina mau?" (What more do the Chinese want?)
I am a Malaysian and I am ashamed!

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