Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Grieving Over MH370

Already, many are grieving for MH370. And local Malaysian newspapers put their front pages in black and white as a sign of mourning of the announced fate of Flight MH370. The Star says “370 R.I.P”. The Sun screams “No Survivors”. New Straits Times has a light-hearted message: “Goodnight MH370".

Yet, today, Najib Razak made a bizarre stand. He maintained that flags will be flown at half-mast in respect for passengers and crew of MH370 only when the wreckage is found. Wasn’t he cock-sure when he made the announcement yesterday?

Anyway, in Parliament, the Prime Minister said he had the responsibility to inform the families of those on board about the flight's fate once the government had the information.

And this so-called information was from a satellite company Inmarsat which used a wave phenomenon discovered in the nineteenth century to analyze the seven pings picked up from the missing airliner to ascertain its final destination, i.e. the southern Indian Ocean.

Photo: AFP


Reuters photos


After being informed that the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared over two weeks ago crashed in the southern Indian Ocean. Reuters pic, March 25, 2014

Meanwhile, families of Chinese national passengers accused the Malaysian government of acting as "executioners" by declaring their family members dead "without any direct evidence”.

Sydney Morning Herald's Beijing correspondent quoted a statement from the Chinese Family Committee as saying that Malaysia's "shameless behaviour" in the 18 days since MH370 disappeared had been detrimental to rescue efforts. I am not going to comment on this because that is stating the obvious.

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