Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Celebrity Shaman

Thanks to Andrea Fonseka
Rumor has it that the Malaysian government paid RM1.8 million to Ibrahim Mat Zin, the celebrity “bomoh” (shaman) and supposedly a good friend of UMNO’s Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (although I bet you he will deny it vigorously) to locate the missing MH370.
This is not just a story that has no basis. KLIA security did not even try to stop the bomoh’s two “monkey acts” and this should tell you that he had government approval.

The above press article says it all. Didn’t Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Jamil Khir Baharom himself defend the bomoh’s antics as “nothing wrong”?

At KLIA: "Special" escort for our favorite Malaysian bomoh. Facebook pic
I had been directed to a blog katakcomel.my where it was strongly alleged that the Raja Bomoh was indeed paid the princely sum.
Unless of course, the government care to clarify that the story was a concoction of mischief and misrepresentation. To maintain an elegant silence is akin to confirming that we should believe it.
BTW, I know many Malaysians who wish to earn some extra income and now there is an opportunity to do so. It’s simple – just go to KLIA and shake two coconuts when sitting cross-legged on a blue carpet.
I too am joining the pilgrimage to KLIA. I promise the government I am not a greedy person. I am willing to give them a hefty 50% discount – I intend to only charge them RM0.9 million.
And just in case, Malaysians are wondering how come this guy can just coolly walk into KLIA unhindered and still managed to do the "coconut shake" – I repeat, he has powerful friends in the government.
In fact, blogger katakcomel.my posted nine pictures on March 13, 2014 showing the bomoh socializing with UMNO leaders at BN functions – two of which are shown below:

Need I say more?

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