Friday, March 28, 2014

Ridhuan Tee Promotes Cendol on MAS Flights

Ridhuan Tee Abdullah (left) in his Sinar Harian column on Monday wrote something topical in the wake of the MH370 saga. He drew up a list of lessons to be learnt from this particular incident. 

First, female flight attendants should don the hijab. It is not about shielding their aurat (parts of body to be covered according to Islamic teachings) and protecting their modesty. He gave another equally important reason, i.e. it can prevent hair from dropping on the food. 

Hmmm, Ridhuan has a point there. But hair shedding is a relatively common phenomenon. Maybe MAS should recruit cabin crew who has an Alopecia condition. Problem solved. And why target the women only? Men too shed their hair, y’know! 

He mentioned about being annoyed that stewardesses wore short and see-through attire. I had not realized that MAS cabin crew uniforms have been changed. The last time I flew – okay, it has been almost four months! – I only saw them wearing the iconic sarong kebaya uniform (above photo). It is time to have an eye check and perhaps even change my glasses – I didn’t see what I was supposed to see although Ridhuan did. 

Of course I wish they would show more (as in the photo below) but fat chance! 

Second, Ridhuan suggested that the national carrier stop serving liquor on its flights. Instead, MAS should serve cendol (a sweet coconut milk dessert  see photo below). 

Alright! I love cendol, so I am okay with it. And while he's at it, why not get MAS to also serve sirap, sirap bandung, teh tarik, teh-o, teh susu, teh ais, teh halia, 3-layer tea, kopi-o, kopi susu, kopi ais, horlicks, milo and many other local (non-alcoholic) beverages? 

Third, he said he has no problems being frisked by airport security before boarding a flight. His words were more like an invitation: "Fondle me to your heart's content for the dignity and security of our beloved land”!

I hope he didn’t mean that. Sometimes, what you wish for is what you get!

After you have read the above, some of you may be confused. Confounded. Maybe, even many of you. You are likely to ask how the above is related to MH370. Please don’t ask me. I am just as confused and confounded as you are. 

Ridhuan Tee Abdullah is good at being himself. He is who he is. What he lacks in intelligence, he more than makes up for in stupidity.

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