Monday, March 17, 2014

Race Politics in Kajang

I find it distressing that the Kajang by-election campaign is harping on race politics. BN are proving time and time again that they are bankrupt of ideas. 

UMNO information chief (and also deputy finance minister) Ahmad Maslan told the Chinese on March 13 that BN candidate Chew Mei Fun represents the federal government and that the Chinese community can "untung" (profit) from this. 

He reminded the community: "The Chinese prioritize untung... In business, must untung. In politics, must untung."  He is mocking us, that we Chinese are profit-fixated.

Then three days later, Minister in Prime Minister's Office Joseph Kurup told Kajang Chinese to vote their own race. 

He must have lost his marbles on that day. Usually, it is your own people who are likely to stab you in the back. Does he not know that MCA betrayed the Chinese? Why do you think the Chinese don’t support MCA? Duh! 

And was he insidiously asking the Malays in GE13, Malays formed 48% of the vote bank in the said state constituency to vote for Wan Azizah, the PKR candidate? 

These expired politicians are good at belittling the Chinese. 

I delivered CC#4 titled “Soldier of Fantasy” at the Sai Masters Toastmasters meeting in Bangsar on Sunday – Round 1 of Project 15. A good speech, if I may say so! We had a very entertainingTable Topics session but sadly, there were only two project speeches. Still overall, it was a decent meeting. I am giving this meeting a score of a 6.5 over 10. 

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