Friday, September 17, 2021

It's a Damn Lie!

Can you believe the twat who is Malaysia’s Education Minister saying that the reopening of schools in stages from October 03, means the country is returning to normalcy? What bs is he giving us? 

Radzi Jidin (left) is talking cock! 

Deputy Health Director-General Dr. Hishamshah Mohd Ibrahim had already announced that the goalposts for Covid-19 herd immunity – if you still believe in it, that is – is to move to 90 percent (Malay Mail, September 09, 2021). Obviously, Radzi hadn’t paid attention! 

As far as I can tell, the Greater KL Area (Klang Valley lah) has the highest fully vaccinated population at 72 percent, followed by Labuan with 65.8 percent and Sarawak at 63.7 percent. 

Still, I can understand that schools must open their doors. Really, remote learning cannot fully educate young minds. 

Sure, technology is a great enabler and it does foster learning. But it is pertinent to mention that advances, resources and infrastructure are not quite there here in Malaysia – and cannot compete with physical schooling. Heck, I’m here in ‘urban’ Selangor – and yet, I still have issues with Internet connectivity and bandwidth! 

Besides, there is a teacher-student dynamic which technology has yet to catch up to. 

Covid or not, I’m clear about education. Kids need school! 

And just so you know, Covid numbers are not showing any signs of a retreat! The twats at MOH have got it all wrong! 

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