Saturday, July 24, 2021

Still On The "Cucuk Angin" Issue

This is a follow-up to my Tuesday post "The Case of the Empty Syringes".

Malaysia’s ‘Spanish Fly’ minister Dr Adham Baba (right) told Malay-language daily Berita Harian on Tuesday that any individual who can prove that he or she has been “vaccinated” with an empty syringe will receive a new injection. 

How to show proof, I am wondering aloud. Unless these people are tested for antibodies. And if the government are ready to foot the bill. 

A simplistic response from a simpleton.

Meanwhile, his daffy deputy has come up with a new excuse. He blamed it on fatigue.

Anyway, vaccine recipients should know of the SOP protocol governing vaccinations. 

Vaccinators are required to show the syringe, filled with the prescribed quantity of the Covid-19 vaccine, prior to its administration to a recipient. And they are also required to show the empty syringe to recipients after the injection is done. Oh yes, now the public can take videos and photos of themselves getting vaccinated.

Indeed, Malaysians are getting anxious and alarmed over the “Cucuk Angin” issue. Already, some police reports on vaccination irregularities have been made by those who claimed they did not experience any side effects after getting their Covid-19 vaccines. 

Vaccination minister Khairy Jamaluddin (right) appears to suggest this is a non-issue. 

Of the 16 million Covid-19 vaccine jabs given so far, there have only been 13 police reports alleging they were given “placebo” vaccines or none at all, with the majority being the result of a misunderstanding, he was quoted as saying. 

Summore, he stressed that there are no links between complaints of empty syringes used for vaccination and the black market sale of vaccines. 

Hmm, how does he know that for sure when he himself highlighted that the police are still investigating black market vaccine sales?! 

I wish these “ministers” can play back and listen to their own words that they have expelled from their mouths. They come out as plain idiotic twaddle and you kinda know you are expecting it because they ARE idiots.

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