Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The Case of the Empty Syringes

Yesterday, FMT carried a report of an individual who was jabbed with an empty syringe for his second Covid vaccine dose. This happened at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur three days ago. 

33-year-old Ling Kwang Chun said: “I felt the needle in my arm but noticed that the black piston did not move the entire time. The worker did not show him the syringe before and after the vaccination process, unlike the first time”. 

Ling said he had later informed staff at the center that he was sure that he had received an “empty jab” as he did not see any movement of the syringe piston. 

“They told me it was usually like that. I was stunned, because they should have alerted the other staff and helped me double check”, he added. 

He explained he did not take pictures or record any videos as there was a sign that warned vaccine recipients against using their cameras. Anyway, he made a police report:

The national Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force are already investigating three separate incidents surrounding the injection of vaccines that were alleged to be wrongly administered or where empty syringes were being used. 

The CITF said the first incident under investigation is said to have taken place on Saturday at the Sungai Petani Airport Camp drive-through vaccination centre in Kedah. They added that the said PPV is managed by military hospital officials from the camp and meant for Armed Forces personnel and their immediate family members. 

According to CITF on Monday, disciplinary action had been taken against the vaccination official. 

This particular case came to light because of a video circulating through instant messaging and social media that showed a woman being injected with a syringe that was not compressed by a medical official dressed in full PPE. 

In the second incident, the CITF said they are looking into a police report by an intended vaccine recipient that an empty syringe was used at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre PPV in Kuala Lumpur that also took place on Saturday. 

The third incident was another police report by a health services provider alleging that fake vaccine doses were used at the Bangi Avenue Convention Centre PPV in Selangor. I’m not sure when the incident occurred because no date was mentioned.

Previously, there have already been other media reports of the vaccination process not being properly administered, with recipients not getting the right dosage or not being injected with the vaccine at all. I highlight two such cases here: 

In May, an elderly woman had to be injected twice after it was discovered that her first vaccination was not complete with no vaccine actually injected into her. 

A video of her first vaccination process was uploaded on Facebook by her son and those who saw the video clip voiced their suspicion that the vaccination process was incomplete. 

The woman was given another jab when she returned to the vaccination center at Titiwangsa Stadium in Kuala Lumpur.  

Business developer Simon Ng lodged a police report on July 06 claiming he had been injected with an empty syringe at Banting Hospital in Banting, Selangor. According to him, he only knew that he was given an empty injection after checking his video recording of the vaccination process that he went through. 

He added that he was only given a second shot after confronting the medical assistant who was tasked to jab him. 

The Selangor Health Department, in a viral video, dismissed the man’s claim. Their director Dr Sha’ari Ngadiman (right) was reported as saying that it was quite “impossible” for anyone to be injected with an empty syringe. 

And yet, the complainant had passed police a copy of the video (Star Online, July 10, 2021). The "impossible" had become "possible".

I spied upon another news report of a Sarawakian who had claimed his father was injected with an empty syringe at the Sibu Indoor Stadium PPV. Sibu CITF did confirm on July 13 that the patient had to injected twice because the first jab was a sham (DayakDaily, July 13, 2021). 

Following the incident, retraining for all staff was undertaken. 

I've come across many videos on Facebook where clearly, the vaccine recipients were seeminly jabbed with empty syringes. 

Besides, I also wonder if these PPVs that are administering Covid vaccines do actually follow protocols. I wonder even more when I read that we are racing to vaccinate as many people in the shortest possible time – as if we’re chasing a Guinness world record! 

Also in Sarawak, family members of 57-year-old Choo Fui Kian, who died after receiving a Covid jab at Miri Hospital in Miri on June 26, have appealed to MOH to release the autopsy results – the post-mortem was done on June 27. 

Choo’s daughter Sim Geok Wei also lodged a police report after the incident. 

In Malaysia, you can't be too careful! Things are not always what they seem!

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