Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Adham Baba Swatted Over Spanish Flu-Fly

Malaysia is blessed with so many comedic talents. 

Yesterday, one act captured in a 2-minute video featured our very own Health Minister Dr. Adham Baba (right) who did a speech on Covid-19 by trying to compare it to the Spanish Fly. Of course, it went viral. 

Yes, you got it right! He referred to Spanish Fly and not Spanish Flu. Not only that but he also indulged in factual inaccuracies. 

“In the world, 2.8 million people have died due to Covid-19, Spanish fly (in) 1919… 1916, around one million people (died). It happened for two years, the Spanish fly”, he was recorded saying in the said footage. 

For sure, he doesn’t know his facts! At the time of writing, over 4 million people worldwide have already died from Covid-19. 

Let me point out the correct facts on the Spanish Flu, according to the World Health Organization: 

The Spanish Flu happened from 1918 to 1920. The death toll is agreed to be around 20-50 million deaths, making it one of the deadliest pandemic in recorded history. 

The Spanish Flu is not, as he mentioned, a plague. Plagues are spread by bacterial means, whereas Covid-19 and the Spanish Flu are influenzas spread by viral means. 

The Spanish Flu, while named as such, did not originate in Spain. In fact, it was first observed in the United States, and then later in Europe. However, it was named as such because Spain, a neutral country in World War I, could freely report on it in their press, leading people to believe it came from Spain. 

Oh me, oh my, netizens were quick to react to Adham's ludicrous prattle! 

Lembah Pantai MP Fahmi Fadzil incredulously asked “DrAdhamBaba apa Spanish fly?!” and included a facepalming emoji. 

Bangi MP Ong Kian Ming tweeted “Is #Spanish fly trending in Malaysia yet?” 

Former education minister Maszlee Malik (right) took to Twitter, saying the “Spanish fly” is actually a wrestling move, and calling it very dangerous. 

In wrestling, if you didn't know, it is a maneuver that sees an opponent being brought down from the top rope with a somersault that could snap his neck. 

Lawyer and activist Siti Kasim (left) panned Adham too, saying the “Spanish fly” is marketed online as an aphrodisiac that causes “a volcanic eruption of ultimate passion, and a feeling of intense sexual desire and lust”. 

Comedian Jason Leong (right), professed he could make a better health minister. 

“I honestly think I can be a better health minister. Heck, an actual fly can do a better job. #Spanish fly”, he averred. 

One netizen @gctec said: “Malu lah, can’t distinguish between the Spanish fly and Spanish flu. Probably makan too much of it”. 

Another, Eugene Chung similarly had this to say: “Would you want to listen to someone who can’t differentiate between Spanish fly & Spanish flu? Embarrassing, these are the quality and calibre (sic) of our ministers in Malaysia”. 

And another, Anas Zubedy @AnasZubedy remarked: “If @MuhyiddinYassin wants to win more trust from the rakyat, he must retire his Ministers/Deputies who are not performing. Like those who have Freudian slips between Spanish Flu & Spanish Fly. The former cause the living to die while the latter help 'the dead come alive'. PEACE”. 

This was not Adham’s first time as a stand-up comedian! 

In March last year, he made the claim that drinking “air suam” (warm water) could prevent coronavirus infection. 

In April, he boasted he had a video conference call with “500 countries” – despite there being only 195 known countries in the world. And he also said Malaysia consisted of 15 states!

In November, he was ever so thick-skinned as to want to ride on the coat-tails of frontliners – when he released a book titled “Malaysia Health Sector Response to Covid-19 Pandemic”. In fact, many questioned how he found the time to author a book amid the pandemic. 

It's confirmed. Adham Baba is a twat and an idiot.

#KerajaanBodoh #KerajaanGagal

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