Friday, June 4, 2021

Malaysia's Latest Lockdown is a Joke

Malaysia is a joke! 

News reports informed us that the Ministry of International Trade and Industry have cleverly approved some 95,142 companies to open for business during the supposed “total lockdown”. 

And that is not even the final count because more applications from businesses are coming in and even more approvals will be granted. 

The main concern is that so many workplaces would remain open despite the fact that they are among the hotspots for Covid infection. 

Already, on the first day of the two-week lockdown, the country recorded 7,105 cases. And it is pertinent to mention that of the 27 new Covid clusters that emerged on Tuesday, almost half were workplace clusters. 

On Wednesday, there were 7,703 cases and even more frightening was that the daily fatality rate crossed over 100 for the first time – 126 deaths were reported. 

And on Thursday, it got even worse when we saw an avalanche of 8,209 cases and 103 deaths.

I cannot begin to emphasize enough that Malaysia is one country that seems extraordinarily incapable of containing Covid-19 – and only because our government are extremely incompetent and exceptionally inept.

Well done, Perikatan National!  

#KerajaanBodoh #KerajaanGagal

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