Monday, June 14, 2021

Four Twats and Idiots

During these trying Covid times, let’s all partake in instant noodles, shall we? 

That seems to be the message I got from this bunch of lunatic politicians who are really twats and idiots. They've launched a photo-op, where they posted photos of themselves eating instant noodles. 

What are they trying to prove?  That they too are eating simple food like us normal folks? That during the hardship many Malaysians are going through right now, they're also giving up their 'fine food' for instant noodles in order to be like the rest of us? That they're putting up this ass-ed act to show they are one with the rakyat?

Who are they trying to fool? It’s just a “wayang”, a cheap publicity stunt, a taunting tour de force that speaks of their humbug hypocrisy. 

These ridiculing portraits of the four twats and idiots are offensive, insulting and mocking. 

BTW, I also ate instant noodles! Shall I post my photo too?

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