Saturday, June 5, 2021

Essential Cigarettes and Non-essential Alcohol

In Malaysia, we seem to love promoting idiocy! 

The Deputy Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Rosol Wahid said yesterday that the sale of cigarettes is permitted despite it not being listed as an essential item, as it is “essential to cigarette addicts”!

But the sale of alcoholic drinks is prohibited. 

And this is because liquor is categorized as a non-essential item by the National Security Council.

In fact, police even ordered the liquor store of TMC supermarket in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur to close and news of the incident was plastered all over social media.

The above is just nonsensical.  

Yesterday too, The Vibes reported that both the Senior Minister for Security and the Inspector-General of Police had expressed surprise at the actions of the Brickfields police team for ordering the shutdown of the TMC liquor store. 

The former reportedly said: "Premises that sell alcohol (closed)? Even the 7-Eleven that sells alcohol is (allowed to) open". And the latter, meanwhile, was quoted as saying that he was unaware of the incident. 

We are saddled with a non-essential government populated with non-essential politicians who are hell-bent on ruining this country. Malaysia is brimming with twats and idiots. 

#KerajaanBodoh #KerajaanGagal

An update as at Thursday, 07:30 AM. According to Bernama, 128,150 companies with some 1.57 million employees have been given approval to stay operational during the 14-day lockdown.

This is a disappointing state of affairs because it contradicts the actual purpose of having this lockdown in the first place! I don't believe Malaysia is serious about reining in Covid-19!

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