Thursday, June 3, 2021

Donald Trump Blog is Cancelled

From the Desk of Donald J Trump” has been cancelled. 

Trump aide Jason Miller told CNBC on Wednesday that the blog will not be returning. It was launched only a month ago – but Trump (left) obviously lacks the patience to build up viewership.

I suppose he wanted voluminous results instantly and anything short of that represents an unacceptable failure. He forgets he is no longer the President of the United States of America. 

And the ex-president and election conspiracy theorist's struggle to escape the social media wilderness continues.  

The blog on the website was touted as a major new outlet following Trump’s defeat in November 2020 and punishment by social media platforms for provoking a mob that ransacked Congress on January 06.

Malaysia’s Finance Ministry declared that their assets recovery trust account has received RM16.386 billion in seized and repatriated 1MDB funds so far. 

Audit firm Deloitte PLT remitted some RM336 million in funds seized related to 1MDB and the ministry is also expecting RM2.83 billion from Ambank Group, while negotiations are on-going with audit firm KPMG. 

In a sobering note, the finance minister said we have funds in the account to service 1MDB’s debt obligations for 2021 and 2022 only. Outstanding debts which comprise the principal and coupon/profit/interest of bonds, sukuk and term loans, currently total RM39.66 billion (1MDB) and RM2.57 billion (SRC). 

The country is still wading in a deep pool of 1MDB-related shit! 

And the crooks are yet to be put behind bars! Until justice is served, the prison cells will remain empty!

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