Sunday, June 6, 2021

Malaysia's Covid Situation is Grim

Malaysia’s Covid situation is grim. 

Todate, the caseload has risen to 616,815 and the total number of fatalities has climbed steadily to 3,378. There are currently 86,628 active cases with 890 patients in ICU. Of those cases, 444 are in need of ventilators.

The country logged 7,748 new Covid-19 cases on Friday, 7,452 on Saturday and 6,241 on Sunday. 

In addition, MOH had detected 23 new clusters on June 04, of which 12 were from workplaces. The following day, there were 24 new clusters and 17 of them were workplace clusters. And today, there were 30 new clusters – 18 of them were workplace clusters, 10 of which were linked to factories. 

By now, it is plainly obvious that letting so many companies to operate during the June 01 to 14 total lockdown is a totally reckless decision by the government. 

Nothing in place now promises a reversal in the upward trend of infections and deaths, and the vaccine rollout which commenced on February 24 remains at a snail’s pace. 

In fact, it has been reported that as of Tuesday, 2,002,345 Malaysians had received their first dose while 1,104,873 have had both. 

We are a long way off our target because to achieve herd immunity, the government had wanted to vaccinate 80% or 25 million of the country’s 32 million population by year end. And so far, the inoculation campaign exposes a system that is slow and often overly bureaucratic.

Health Director-General Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah (right) brings more distressing news when he informs Malaysians today that there’s been an alarming increase in sporadic Covid-19 cases in the country since April 2021. He attributes it to the emergence of a number of new variants that have a high infectivity and fatality rate spreading through the community. 

Nothing seems to be going right for us right now – and Malaysians are no longer surprised because we already know that our backdoor government are downright hopeless. 

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