Sunday, February 21, 2021


The Covid-19 numbers for these six days are definitely not encouraging at all. Two words to describe them. Very high.

The national figures are a series of ups and downs. A seesaw situation. But one thing’s certain – it’s still four digits. 

This means that the MCO 2.0, which started on January 13, has failed to bring down the numbers drastically. And the authorities cannot be imposing MCO after MCO after MCO. 

Already, Malaysians are MCO-weary. I mean, those of us in KL and Selangor especially. 

Of course, I’m not surprised by this state of affairs – but another round of MCO, I’ll want to think about killing myself.

Justice in Malaysia moves oh so slowly. And I'm saying this because I was reminded of this Facebook post I saw today:

Like many Malaysians, I can't help but wonder when the two lovebirds will end up as jailbirds. 

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