Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Two Monkeys Up to Mischief

My Sunday post on “The Treetop Student” is not ended.

The idiotic deputy minister who mocked Veveonah Mosibin (left) had named another idiotic colleague, Deputy Finance Minister Abdul Rahim Bakri as his source of fake information. 

Note: The former is from UMNO and the latter is from Bersatu – that should tell us that the mentally incompetent duo are monkeys up to mischief. 

Abdul Rahim (right) decided to continue from where Zahidi Zainul Abidin left off – the former insisted his investigation showed no examinations were conducted online in June and cited a Universiti Malaysia Sabah faculty member as his source. 

Furthermore, he added that Veveonah is not a resident of Kampung Sepatalang as she claimed – though the 18-year-old has explained that she was staying there temporarily during the MCO to help her family. 

She had also publicly shared her examination schedule on social media to back her assertion of university exams between June 09 and June 12. 

In the end, Abdul Rahim quietly deleted his Facebook post on Veveonah. 

Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh (left), who is also former deputy women, family and community development minister, is right when she labelled the disparaging remarks by the two federal deputy ministers against Veveonah as cyberbullying. 

Yeoh admonished Women, Family and Community Development Minister Rina Harun and the latter’s deputy Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff for their silence on the matter. The former is from Bersatu and the latter is from PAS. That figures! 

Even former education minister Maszlee Malik (right) called the deputy ministers out. 

The Simpang Renggam MP took to Twitter to question the deafening silence of the Higher Education Ministry and Education Ministry over the matter. 

“Where are MOHE and MOE when a STUDENT is being bullied by deputy ministers a.k.a your colleagues?” he posted, using the two ministries’ initials. And he tagged the Twitter accounts of Higher Education Minister Noraini Ahmad (UMNO) and Education Minister Radzi Jidin (UMNO).

What do you expect from a backdoor government?

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