Saturday, January 4, 2020

Malaysian Politicians on Ego Trips

Malaysian politicians are full of themselves. 

That’s why, they are ever ready to splash out money (better still, other people’s money), ostensibly to communicate a message of good intention or some similar-type statement that seeks to advise, acknowledge and/or appreciate – but in truth, the focus is on themselves. The idea is to make them feel good about themselves! 

It’s a "syiok sendiri" malady, an ego trip thing! 

And they have appeared in newspaper advertisements and/or on banners and billboards. 

(Kindly note that I’m not referring to the frenzied election period where we are already accustomed to seeing politicians go overboard to “sell” themselves in every conceivable way). 

I used to think that UMNO politicians are the ones who have a monopoly on grandstanding – until I came across two Ministers from Bersatu also guilty of self-promotion.

It quickly dawned on me that Bersatu are no different from UMNO because Bersatu are actually UMNO 2.0! 

But I can recall one former menteri besar from PKR who once had his face plastered on billboards all over Selangor too. 

I think the whole concept of self-endorsement is pretty common among the class of Malaysians who take up politics because they are narcissists in the first place and they subscribe to the belief that the world revolves around them. 

No wonder Malaysian politics tend to focus on personalities rather than on policies.

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