Saturday, September 14, 2019

Vaping Deaths in the US

Vaping is in the news. 

I read one headline that screams The Great American Vaping Panic! 

In Malaysia, Najib Razak’s cabinet had rejected a Health Ministry proposal to ban vaping and e-cigarettes four years ago. The then health minister Dr S Subramaniam claimed there was not enough evidence on the dangers of vaping then. 

Today, we are again reminded that Najib and his ministers are nothing more than a clique of cockamamie clods. 

Already, there are renewed calls from medical experts to prohibit these items in view of 450 reports of lung diseases and at least six deaths linked to use of the products in the US. 

Malaysian Council for Tobacco Control president and Malaysian Medical Association Action on Smoking and Health Committee chairperson Prof Dr Lekhraj Rampal (left) said there were many unknown factors about the dangers of vaping, prompting the expert team to recommend that it should be banned. 

He said he was a member of the team that decided vaping should only be allowed after more research was carried out on its dangers. 

“The chemical composition in vaping products is unknown and therefore, the danger it poses is also unknown”. 

He pointed out that it could take some 10 to 15 years for symptoms to manifest and by then, it would be too late. And he added that vaping should only be allowed after the World Health Organisation declare it safe. 

Malaysian Medical Association president Dr Ganabaskaran Nadason (left) said the American Medical Association, which are one of the most influential physician groups in the US, have called on the public to cease vaping until scientists fully understand its effects. 

“I think this is something that the Health Ministry needs to be concerned about now that there are deaths and health issues related to vaping being reported in the US”. 

Hello, don’t we know that any kind of smoking is hazardous to health? 

Even now, the Health Ministry are twiddling their thumbs and taking their sweet time to discuss, deliberate and debate – and Malaysians are vaping like there is no tomorrow. 

I suppose vapers are telling us “live and let die”!

And so, it would appear that vaping is not necessarily a safer alternative to smoking. Both can kill.

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